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Official Launch New Porsche 911

The end of last year, Rabbit One took part in the official launch of the new Porsche 911, an event that was created and organized by "Vitamines Events & Communication".  The manager of Porsche Center Liège wanted to reveal the new model to 1.000 privileged guests in an exceptional way.  The event agency proposed to conceal the car in a giant chest and slowly reveal it.  They turned to Rabbit One for the execution of the chest.


"The opening of the chest was the most important moment of the evening, therefore you need reliable professional technology that represents the beauty and perfection of the car" explains Frédéric Leidgens of Vitamines Events.  Based on this briefing, Rabbit One started their feasibility study and presented a first drawing and show model to Porsche Center Liège on Octobre 4th.  One week later, the project was approved and the production started.  The event took place on December 11th and was a huge success!  The opening of the chest was showcased accompanied by a marvellous lighting and sound spectacle and revealed the new Porsche.  Everything was managed through a wireless system.  


The chest is now available for rent.  Don't hesitate to contact us for more information and think about us next time you launch a project. 

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