OFYR, the brand new way to cook & grill outdoors

OFYR, the brand new way to cook & grill outdoors

Hot off the press!
Ofyr is the new, live-cooking phenomenon.
An elegant stand with an open wood fire in the middle give this way of cooking a cozy look and feel. The steel rim around the fire serves as the ideal cooking plate and chefs are over the moon with the results of this method.
Ofyr is easy to build up and available for sale and hire at Any Production.




The Ofyr + firewood to get the Ofyr on temperature + 3 hours worth of firewood to keep the plancha on temperature + cleaning costs: €160,00/day


Transport costs: €0,50 per transported km


Delivery & collection: €45,00 
(1 person needs to be present to help move and load the plancha (55kg) at all time.) 


Chef (that slow-cooks your products): €32,00 per hour worked.
 If the organisation is such that the chef or fireman does not arrive at the same time as the Ofyr, we will charge €0.50 per kilometer and the performed travel times at the hourly charge mentioned above.


Extra wood: €15,00/hour 


Cooling down fee: if the Ofyr has to be transported from the location and cooled immediately: €100,00


Prices excl. VAT


Sale price on demand




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